buy nowWindow Cleaning

If there’s one thing we like to do it’s clean windows. With a ‘Go2Guy Premium Window Clean’, we wash all the windows and doors in the house and we even clean the frames and the low window sills too. We use 100% pure-water cleaning technology so there’s no streaks or stains and all the work is carried out from the ground with our telescopic water-feed pole system.   Get your inside windows cleaned and you’ll be wondering where the glass went. When we’re finished, your windows will be glistening and the world will look bright again!


buy nowFascia & Soffit Cleaning

Some jobs are just impossible to the common man or woman. This is where the Go2Guy comes into his element. We are specialists in the cleaning of Fascias and Soffits.  Using our deep-clean, pure water cleaning system we wash the dirt and algae off all the fascia, the soffit, the gutters, the downpipes and the underlay too.  The ‘Go2Guy F&S Clean’ makes your home sparkle from head to toe. No more green to be seen…


buy nowGutter/Chute Clearance

Blocked Gutters anyone? Clogged Chutes I hear you say? We specialise in freeing nasty gutters and chutes like no other! Grab a ‘Go2Guy Gutter Clear’ and we’ll empty all your gutters of moss and grass, unclog the downpipes and dispose of the waste. Boom! Free before you know it. We love the sound free flowing water and we know you do too.


buy nowPowerwashing

Our teams are battle-hardened to tackle any pavements or footpaths.  The Go2Guy can powerwash almost anything: paving, driveways, footpaths, decking, walls, and patios.  We are equipped with 3000psi powerful hoses that explode with such force dirt and grime don’t stand a chance. When we’re finished, whatever was washed will definitely look like new.